Preliminary Task

Preliminary Task Evaluation

Our first area of improvement of our video was that when recording we held he camera portrait however we should have done it landscape so it filled up to whole screen. This meant when it was uploaded it has a black border. Although it was filmed the wrong way round the camera was steady with little movement. The setting was relevant to the scenario, in a school environment, this meant the props in the frame were relevant to the film. When only one person is in the frame they are in the centre. We used a range of shot types such as close ups, two shot and mid shot. We included a shot- reverse- shot which went well however to improve we should remove the fades in between the actors talking to make it easier for the audience to watch and to make it more realistic. One of our strengths was our match on action as it flowed fluently from the scene before. Our continuity editing was alright however could have been improved by the fades being removed so it made it more realistic. Next time we should use a HDR camera instead of an iPad to make it better quality. The lighting feature of mise-en-scene was good as it wasn’t too dark so the character couldn’t be seen and we purposely didn’t film in front of a window so that background wasn’t too bright. The costumes could have been better to distinguish between the teacher and student. Next time we could improve by using different camera angles such as a low angle on the teacher to show authority or a high angle on the student to show vulnerability. When editing we should cancel put the background noise and increase the sound of the dialogue.



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