Final piece- LOLA


First Draft

We need to add more title and add a little bit more narrative to improve.


Firstly we had to come up with an idea as a group, we all contributed our own ideas then took the best parts from each. We came up with a story and came up with the characteristics of the characters. From the story we managed to come up with the plot. Each member of my group did a stage of planning. Our plot and storyboard helped us a lot as it helped us visualise and plan what shots we needed to shoot when we shot our footage. We checked our location for shooting was free on the day and made sure it was safe for shooting. We had some problems with finding an actor however we found one in the end who was very good, however this meant that filming took a little longer than anticipated because we had to explain every scene on the day to him. We also filmed a part of our footage outside however we couldn’t rely on it not raining so we had to have another plan for what shots we would have in case it did.

We managed to film all the footage in one day. We all gave our ideas, before each shot, of how the shot should look. We filmed each shot multiple times if we had different ideas on how the shot should be, for example when the boy is walking down the corridor we shot one out of focus and one in focus to see which looked best. Everybody got a chance to shoot a bit of footage. We  uploaded our footage into a folder so we all had the footage. We then later used Adobe premiere to edit the footage together and to add non diegetic sound


I started off with an extreme close up of his eyes opening to make the audience feel uncomfortable so they start off with a sense of fear and anticipation. The non diegetic sound is quiet at the beginning but picks up sound and pace as the boy gets out of bed when he hears a noise this is to create anticipation and suspense for the audience. I made it out of focus when the boy is walking down the corridor and the clown walks out to show it is a figment of his imagination. This also why we decided to never show the clown face, to add to the anticipation however mostly to show the clown is not a living thing. I also added a sound motif when the clown appears which creates suspense and an eerie atmosphere. I used a match on action shot to force the audience to question what is going on as the tap wasn’t on before. The over the shoulder shot at the end is to focus the audience on the red balloon as they have seen the clown with it throughout the sequence so this is the highest point of suspense then the blackout and bang is to shock the audience and care them.



We shot our footage as a group in a house to ensure that when all the footage was edited together it was realistic therefore creating more suspense. Also we shot our footage all on the same day so when edited there weren’t any continuity issues. We used a DSLR cameras to film. We changed the ISO to a lower setting when we filmed outside and a higher ISO when in a dark room. We also changed the aperture, to make it blurry we used a small aperture. We all shot different parts of the footage and each contributed some input to how each shot should be shot.

Exporting Video

Video taken from my own YouTube channel.

Final Suspense Sequence

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