After watching this sequence what genre do you think it is?

Student 1- Horror

Student 2- Thriller

Student 3- Horror

Student 4- I couldn’t tell

Student 5-Murder mystery


What do you think we should improve?

Student 1- The titles didn’t look quite right

Student 2- Some points were quite jumpy and didn’t look effective.

Student 3- Include some more narrative, and give some more of the plot away, maybe include a few bits of the opening sequence.

Student 4- The fake blood doesn’t look effective

Student 5- The Titles need to be improved


What do you think was the strongest part of the sequence was?

Student 1- the sound was effective

Student 2-I agree the sound was effective in creating suspense.

Student 3- The black outs created some suspense

Student 4- The slow motion of the tracking was really well done and added some horror

Student 5- I liked the layering of the clips.


Opinions on mise-en-scene?

Student 1- I don’t think it was very effective especially not the fake blood.

Student 2- I agree the fake blood didn’t look good

Student 3- I thought the use of the book was good as it gave away some of the narrative and background information

Student 4- The setting of the woods was good because of the connotations that come with it

Student 5- Whats mise-en-scene

What was your favourite shot?

Student 1- I really liked the first shot of the man.

Student 2- My favourite shot was the shot of the man running through the woods

Student 3- I liked the final shot of the man walking through the door

Student 4- I agree that was my favourite shot as well

Student 5-I liked the shot of the tree with the title on