I know what you did last summer is a thriller released in 1997 directed by Jim Gillespsie.

The music starts with some upbeat non diegetic punk music suggesting it is aimed at young audiences or about young people. The screen is black apart from the first credit in the centre in white. The credits are edited so they slowly come up on the screen creating no suspense. Slowly the non diegetic sound of waves and the soundtrack start playing together. This helps show the setting of the film.

The setting then is shown as the camera is high angled and quickly tracks above the sea, this suggests that they are trying to show something quickly however it doesn’t really create much suspense so suggesting they aren’t trying to show something bad about to happen. The name of the film then pops up in the centre however the names isn’t al in line, suggesting something is odd or something is wrong. Also the words are different sizes suggesting something is not quite right and out of kilter.

The lighting is slightly low key with a very blue tint showing its in the morning. With generic conventions of thrillers nothing really happens in the morning so therefore we can predict nothing is going t start off bad making the viewer feel relieved and relaxed. The camera then tilts up as the actor names come onto the shot. It then slowly tracks along the ocean setting with the non diegetic music still playing however the slow tracking of the camera starts to create some suspense. The camera starts to slightly move up and down with in a wave like motion suggesting something is wrong and to cause the viewer to feel slightly unsettled.

The camera then tracks up over the cliffs and becomes a high angled shot off the road the camera also spins and breaks the 180 degree rule this may cause the viewer to feels unnerved and suspect something bad is going to happen.