Hatchet is a 2006 horror film directed by Adam Green. The film is centred around a group of tourists from new Orleans who embark on a haunted tour which all goes terribly wrong.

The opening sequences uses film micro features to set an uncomfortable and eerie atmosphere for the audience. It forces the audience to ask many questions which are left unanswered. The sequence starts with complete darkness and a slow pace, low pitched non diegetic sound reflecting the beat of someone’s heart beat. The lighting then brightens up and a long shot of the lake setting in revealed, with the boat with the father and son in as the only part with light, this could show that something bad is going to happen to them and that they are important to the storyline. There is then a high angled two shot of the men, they are sitting with their backs to each other suggest they don’t like each other however the high angle shot portrays them as vulnerable suggesting something is going to happen to them. The mise-en-scene of their clothing and boat suggest they are out their for fishing.

The dialogue between the men is quiet and questioned could be asked as to what the thing they are talking about is. Suddenly there is a close up of the something coming to the surface of the water quickly with the non diegetic sound suddenly getting louder this shocks the audience and suggests all is not right with the lake and there is something dangerous within the water. However as the lighting is low key the subject within the water isn’t easy to distinguish. This may unnerve the audience.

The camera then cuts to a point of view shot from the father looking out into the woods creating a visceral reaction within the audience. It is an unsettling feeling for the viewer as not much can be seen however they feel as if they are personally looking at it. This helps to create the fear for the viewer suggesting that the characters are scared or unnerved. Also as the stereotypes that come with woods at night time and generic conventions of horror films you can anticipate that something bad is going to happen soon. It then cuts to a point of view from something from the woods looking at the man. They are looking through the trees suggesting they are trying to stay hidden giving the same affect that the point of view shot does as we cannot see who or what it is.

There is then a two shot of the men with the focus on the fathers face which shows him to be unsettled and nervous. The camera tracks back to a long shot of the men in the boat a eerie non diegetic music over top suggesting all is not right and something is about to happen. It then tracks back in to a shot reverse shot of the men’s conversation, a low angle shot on the so standing up portraying him as powerful and a high angle shot of the dad presenting him as vulnerable. Although they are presented as this the son is then scared by something in the water and falls back. Still you don’t get to see what the thing is creating more fear and anticipation. The father then grabs a rod suggesting they are fully equipped if something goes wrong, showing them to be in danger.

There is then diegetic sound of thunder and rain and the camera tracks round showing different parts of the setting however never showing the two men, this could show that something has happened however we as the audience don’t know yet. The camera then follows the son back to the boat with close ups of his feet treading slowly suggesting he is scared. Then it is revealed that his dad has been killed with closed ups of his guts been taken out however we never see or hear any of it so we do not know what it is. This could suggest that there is something haunted about the woods. The diegetic and non diegetic sound is loud a this point as the camera tracks close up to the dead mans remains.

The camera then tracks up into the air and upbeat action like non diegetic music starts. The setting of the woods is still in the background in low key lighting. The music shows that that scene is over. The credits flash up in the centre of the shot at a fast pace. They are in white letters so they stand out. The setting in the background keeps moving slightly suggesting everything is out of kilter. The name of the film comes up and stays in the shot for longer than the others did while the camera moves quickly round the setting randomly. This could show they are trying to run from something and don’t know where to stop. As the names of the actors pop up the camera goes underwater suggesting that the water has a main part to do with the film maybe answering some of the questions about hat happened to the men. It then ends with high key lighting in a party scene, suggesting we all is well at the moment however not for long.