There are six attractions of horror: Brain physiology, uncanny, catharsis, fascination, sensation seeking scale and societal fear.

  1. Brain physiology- What attracts us to being scared ? There are medical reasons to do with how our brain functions, Christof Koch said in his research the right side of the brain (Amygydala) gets heightened when we see animals. Reptiles are the animals which scare people the most, therefore the subject you are suppose to be scared of in the film usually have animal features such as sharp teeth or snake like eyes. Thomas Straube said in his research that the visual cortex, insular cortex, Thalamus, Dorsal Medial Prefrontal Cortex parts of the brain are activated.
  2. Uncanny- Research done by Sigmund Freud, Jung said it taps into our primordial archetypes. Our dreams are our deepest fears and desires. All had disturbing dreams, horror movies could come from these. They are things we recognise but cant work out, such as shadows.
  3. Catharsis- Is soothing and losing yourself in films. Take you away from lifes struggles and stresses. People go to the cinema to lose themselves in film. They think things they wouldn’t normally think.
  4. Fascination- Zillman came up with in his research that odd beliefs are practiced through horror films. These views wouldn’t be acceptable in society they are views on sex, sexuality, crime and punishment. It goes against morals. It helps transgressive behaviour, this shows things you can’t do.
  5. Sensation seeking scale- Zuckerman said that people watch films to seek for thrills and people just love thrills.
  6. Societal fears- Horror films embody societal fears. it is a safe space for social fears.