The protagonist is left home alone as mum is working. The protagonist has a childhood trauma of clowns, wakes up from a nightmare. Hears noises down stairs however firstly they ignore it. The noises get louder and more frequent, he is uncertain of what the noises are. He’s nervous however he still goes to see what’s happening. As he goes downstairs he notices personal things and household objects in the wrong place such as paintings on the floor. He walks round and notices that the front window is open assuming this is what is causing the noises. As he closes the window a silhouette of the clown appears behind him however he doesn’t see it. Realises he’s thirsty so goes to get a drink from the kitchen. As he enters the kitchen the tap is already running turned on the clown. When in the kitchen you can see the clown in the garden, then a noise happens cuts to a close up of the boys face then point of view shot from the clown shows that he is now inside because he’s a figment of the boys imagination. Boy goes upstairs again he hears footsteps behind him turns around nothings there but then a light on the landing turns, the boy then goes and turns it off. As he enters his room there is one red balloon in the corner of the room placed by the clown boy notices then the end of the scene happens with a build up of noise and cuts to black.