I liked the use of the cuts from the action to the credits of the actors, it added some eeriness to the action. Also their editing of math action was good and fluent so it didn’t confuse the audience. They also stuck to the 180 degree rule which meant the audience wasn’t disorientated. They slowed some shots down which was good editing to make slow motion shots when key parts of the action was happening. This showed the importance of that part of the scene. The lighting aspect of mise-en-scene was good as the background was low key lighting the actors were lit up so the audience was draw to watch the action. However other aspect of mise-en-scene, such as props, costumes and make up, were missing this meant the audience wasn’t given any indication of the setting or give any knowledge of the story. The non-diegetic sound creates suspense as it in a low pitch with the use of drums and is a generic convention of horror.