The crane camera angle  at the beginning of the sequence sets the scene along with the diegetic sound when the girl is running through the woods. There is a good use of an establishing shot and close up of her running and a long shot to show the scene and set the plot. They track the runner and the man climbing the steps with the camera this does a good job of creating suspense. The non-diegetic sound over the top is eerie  creating suspense for the audience. The camera is still and not jolting. The cuts between the shots were clean and showed good continuity editing. The close up of the feet running and the hands opening the prop of the brief case show something bad is going to happen and create discomfort for the audience. The mise-en-scene aspect of props (the gun) help guide the audience with the narrative and show what the plot is about. The point of view shot works well with the rest of the shot types. The diegetic sound of the gun shot has been edited well over the action.